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Free databases

·ACP Journal Clu
·BioMed Central
·HighWire Press
·Open Access Library

Abstract Databases

·ESI (Essential Science Indicators)
·H1 Connect
·INNOJOY Patent Search Engine

Full-text Databases

·ACS Publications
·AANS(American Academy of neurological Surgery)
·AACR Journals
·Annual Reviews
·AMA(American Medical Association) Electronic Journal
·BioMed Central
·BMJ Journals Collection
·CINAHL Ultimate
·Cell Press Journals
·EBSCO Discovery
·Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews
·Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
·Karger Journals
·Nature Series
·NEJM(The New England Journal of Medicine)
·Oxford Journals
·PHMC(ProQuest Health & Medical Collection)
·PubMed Central
·RSC(Royal Society of Chemistry)
·Science Online
·Springer Protocols
·The Journal of Immunology
·Wiley Online Library

Citation Index Databases

·Web of Science (including SCIE database)

E-book & Multi-Media

·JOVE(Experimental Video Journal)
·Karger e-book
·OVID LWW Medical E-Book
·Primal Pictures 3D
·Video Library
·Springer e-book

Evidence Based Medicine

·Best Practice
·Cochrane Library
·NGC(National Guideline Clearinghouse)
·NICE(National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence)
·SIGN(Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network)
·Trip Medical Database

Patent Resources

·European Patent Office
·U.S. patent and Trademark Office
·WIPO(World Intellectual Property Organization)

Databases on Trial

·KuoTuo Multimedia
·Scopus AI
·Taylor & Francis Online

Copyright Statement

·Copyright Statement