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Resource name: ScienceDirect

Resource type: [Full-text Databases]

Number of visits: 33,074

Scope of use: campus network

Access address: online access


  1. With a history of more than 180 years, Elsevier publishing firm is one of the largest scientific and medical literature publishers across the world. As the core product of Elsevier, ScienceDirect has provided users with online services of electronic publications full texts, which include more than 2500 peer-reviewed journals affiliated to Elsevier and 11000 series books, manuals and reference books, etc. The full-text articles in the database has exceeded 11 million. All titles (journal titles, book titles, article titles, etc.) with green page icons or key icons ahead can be accessed with full texts.

  2. Our university has ordered 5 topics of Periodical Database at present: ① medicine; ② biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology; ③ immunology and microbiology; ④ pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy; ⑤ neurology. The total number of journals counts to about 2020 and journals after 1995 can be accessed with full texts.