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AACR Journals

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American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), was founded in 1907. Dedicated to comprehensive, innovative and high-level cancer research, it is the first, largest and oldest scientific organization in the world. AACR is committed to improving the public understanding of cancer. It has published 8 peer-reviewed journals, focusing on different aspects of cancer research, all of which are with high impact factors and greatly recognized by professionals in the industry.


                                                                                     AACR journals list

Name of the journals                                              The Publication frequency(month)          Impact factors(2017)

Cancer Research                                                                             24                                                    9.13

Clinical Cancer Research                                                                24                                                   10.199

Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention                          12 4.554

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 12                                                    5.365 

Molecular Cancer Research 12                                                    4.597

Cancer Prevention Research 12 4.021

Cancer Discovery 12                                                 24.373

Cancer Immunology Research                                                        12 9.188