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FAQ——frequently asked questions


1.  Can I use other’s library card?

     No. Each library card may only be used by the person named on it. Never lend cards to others. Both the card user

     and owner will be banned from borrowing for a month once they are found acting against that rule.


2.  How can a non-university reader use the resource of the library?

     They can apply for a temporary library card with their ID card near the main entrance. This temporary card allows

     them to consult the books, journals, and E-resources in the library. But it is valid only for the very day.


3.  How many times can I renew the library books?

     If you would like to extend your loan period you can renew your books once for 30 days which is counted from the

     renewal day provided that no one else has placed holds on the books. But the books overdue allow of no renewal.


4.  How can I know my book-borrowing information and loan period?

     Readers can check their personal book-borrowing information and loan period via the campus website.


   (1) To access the homepage of library;

   (2) To click “My Account”;

   (3) To register according to the prompts;

   (4) To log in your account after registration;

   (5) Following the instructions, you can check your personal information of book-borrowing and the loan period

         in your account.


5.  How can I borrow books from the libraries of other campuses? How long does it take to get a response after

     application? And how to return those books?

     There are two ways for users to apply for Intercampus loan from other campuses’ libraries:

(1) You may go to those libraries with valid identification for borrowing or returning.

(2) You may submit the intercampus loan application to your own library. Then the books that you want will be sent

      to your library to meet readers’ demand within three workdays.


6.  How can I return the books during the summer or winter vacation?

     The books that expire during vacations can be returned within the first week of the new term.


7.  I have search out the location of the book that I want in the ““Library Catalog”, but then why I can’t find it there?

     There are several reasons for that:

  (1) You might have made a wrong note of the book’s location.

  (2) It is read or hidden by other user right now.

  (3) It is off the shelf for repairing.

  (4) It has been returned just a moment ago, so it hasn’t been shelved.

  (5) It has been stolen.


8.  What should be paid attention to when I borrow books from the library?

     First of all, you should check the books carefully. Once you find defilement and missing pages, you should ask the

     librarian to stamp them. And when the librarian scans the books, you should look at the screen, making sure these

     books are what you want to borrow. Last but not least, you should take note of the returning date.


9.  What if a reader holds the books overdue?

     The reader can’t borrow any book until he/she has return the books overdue. The reader also needs to cope with

     these books according to the library borrowing policies and procedures.


10.  How to reproduce documents in the library?

     There are photocopiers on the first floor of the library. You can help yourself to document reproduction.


11.  In library, if I have questions or problems, who can I turn to?

     You can go to the circulation desk to consult our staff, or leave a massage on massage board of the library homepage.


12.  When is the opening hour of the library?

             Regular hours:

            Guangzhou campus: 8:00-22:00

            Shunde campus: 8:00-22:00

            (For holidays and vacations, please refer to the special notice.)


13.  How to claim my lost item?

     We have set up a lost and found claim area at the circ desk. For lost and found, please contact to the circulation Desk.


14.  When will the Air conditioners be turned on?

      It depends on the weather. The air conditioners will be turned on provided that it is humid and hot enough.


15.  What’s the difference between the books of “borrowing” and “reading”?

     Books of borrowing can be borrowed or read in or outside the library, while the books of reading can be read

     only in the respective reading rooms, and they cannot be borrowed.


16.  How to access “My Account”?

     You can access the account by your "University Card".


           (1) Access the homepage of library, and then click “My Account”.

           (2) Please enter your Patron Barcode, which will usually be "University Card" number and your code, then click

                 the “Log in” button. (The primitive code is 123456.) If this is your first time to log in, please reset the password.

           (3) Always remember to Log out when you have finished using the Catalogue.


17.  How to locate a book in the library?


    (1) To access the home page of library;

    (2) To click “Library Catalog”;

    (3) To enter the book or journal’s name, and click “search”

    (4) To make notes: when you find the book you want in the catalog, write down the call number and any other

          information about the location of the book. This information tells you where to find the book.

    (5) To go find the book(s): Follow the sign in the library, then the labels on the ends of the shelves, and then

          the labels on the spine of each book to locate you book.


18.  How to compensate for a lost book?

             Regulations for Compensating Lost and Damaged Books have been implemented so as to urge readers to cherish

             the loaned books and form a good habit of borrowing. According to these regulations, if user deforms or loses a book,

             he must buy the library the same edition of the book and pay for its processing fee 5 Yuan.  However, if he can’t buy the

             same edition, the library will fine him the current price of the lost book.

             Measure of compensation: original price × coefficient(set according to the current price) + 5 Yuan.

             For more information, please contact the circulation department.  Tele: 61689013, or 61689014, or 61689015.