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Springer Protocols

Resource name: Springer Protocols Laboratory Guide

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SpringerProtocols Lab Guide database provides detailed and accurate experimental operational records for disciplines including biochemistry, molecular biology, and bio-medicine.

SpringerProtocols provides a standardized ‘recipe’ or ‘method’ that can be reproduced in a laboratory. It includes step-by-step procedures, lists of raw materials necessary for experiments (including chemical ingredients, hardware, software, and so on), as well as notes and reminders to remind experimenters of the matters needing attention to during experiments and how to solve the problems.

Subject and academic fields covered by SpringerProtocols:

*Biological sciences: stem cells, protein biology, genetic science, bioinformatics, neuroscience, pharmacogenetics, immunochemistry, biotechnology;

*Molecular medicine: cancer molecular diagnostics, epidemiology, vaccinology, gene therapy;

*Biological sciences: pharmaceutical, probiotics manufacturing, nutrition, pesticide detection, molecular technology of protein medical detection ;

*Environmental science: environmental monitoring;

*Agriculture: food source pathogen research, pesticide detection;

*Chemistry: immunochemistry, polymer chemistry and chemical engineering.