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Founded by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), SciFinder is an R&D (research and development) application platform, providing the largest and most authoritative chemical and related discipline literature, material and reaction information across the world. SciFinder covers multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, scientific and technological information of chemical and related fields such as chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, agronomy and physics. It includes different type of literature: journals, patents, conference papers, degree papers, books, technical reports, reviews and online resources. Users can access the data after 1907, maximum two accounts can be used at the same time.

Through SciFinder, you can

  ※Access the world's largest and up-to-date database of chemicals, reactions, patents and journals built by CAS scientists all over the globe to help you make wiser decisions;

  ※Access a range of search and filter options, which are easy to search, filter, analyze and plan, in order to get the best results you need quickly and thus save your  valuable time;

Don't worry about missing key research information, because SciFinder includes all publicly disclosed, high-quality information from reliable sources. You can obtain and retrieve information from the following database through SciFinder: CAplus (literature database), CAS REGISTRY (substance information database), CASREACT (chemical reaction database), MARPAT (Markush structure patent information database), CHEMLIST (controlled chemicals information database), CHEMCATS (chemical business information database), MEDLINE(American National Library of medicine database).

Patentpak, a patent workflow solution, has been launched in SciFinder to help users quickly locate chemical information which may be difficult to find in the full-text patents.

Notice for SciFinder registration 

When you register for the first time, please send an email to, indicating the name of your school, department, grade, linkman of the department (tutor or counselor), phone number, real name and e-mail address. Also you have to indicate the need of registering a SciFinder account, and please check the e-mail to complete the registration within 24 hours;

Readers must register before using SciFinder (public mailbox is also allowed). After registration, the system will automatically send a link to the e-mail you filled in. Activate this link to complete the registration.

Searching Guide

To get using guide of SciFinder, please log in, and you can see the introduction and demonstration of relevant functions

Special Notice:

6. If there is no operation within 20 minutes after entering the system, it will automatically disconnect you from the server;

7. SciFinder is updated frequently, so please pay attention to the information of the library or the homepage of American Chemical Abstracts;

8. Please pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights and use the databases rationally. Excessive downloading and use in commercial institutions are prohibited;

9. There are limitations to the number of concurrent users in SciFinder. So please click “sign out” to exit the system after retrieval;

10. When filling in the registration information, the Last Name part must be filled in with the complete spelling of your "last name" in Chinese Pinyin and the First Name part must be filled in with the complete spelling of your "first name" in Chinese Pinyin, otherwise the account may be quickly invalid.