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Local PubMed Retrieval System on Trial

Database:Local PubMed Retrieval System


Access Method:Line access, no pay for network flow accounting

Expired Date:03/31/2017

Roaming registration instructions:

Access to the local PubMed retrieval system on campus network: (recommend to use Google or Firefox browser, the system does not support IE6.0 or the following version of the browser)

Step 1: Turn on the top left corner of the home page and click "register" button;

Description,:roaming registration must be within the scope of the campus IP, after the success of the registration it can be used at home;

Step2; Fill in the personal information in the registration interface;The required for the mobile phone number, name and password.

Step 3: According to the prompts to verify and activate;

After the activation,the user name is your phone number, password is the password you set.

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